Evernight - Claudia Gray When sixteen year old Bianca’s parents decides they’re moving to Evernight Academy where they are starting as teachers, Bianca is horrified. Being extremely shy, bit of a loner and living in the same place her whole life, she’s not looking forward to this.The night before the school starts she makes an attempt to run away and runs into Lucas who is also starting at the Evernight Academy. Lucas is a loner, and not to mention good-looking, and they start to spend time together. But then one night Bianca nearly looses control and nothing is like it seems.Girl goes into new school where everyone are rich, snobby, beautiful and bunch of vampires and a hot guy and there’s basically everything that goes on in this book.I’ve read worse books but this wasn’t great either. But at least it was enjoyable.Bianca makes some idiotic choices like trying to run away with nothing but flashlight. I mean who does that? And of course fall head over heels with the first boy she meets. And what is with vampires going into school? Especially when this is a school where nearly everyone is a vampire then why about 400 year old goes into school? I admit that I laughed when teacher tries to explain ipod to a guy from 7th century but still.The first half was pretty slow paced but action started to pick up in the second half. I’m still in two minds what to think about this but it was quick and enjoyable read.