Abandon  - Meg Cabot Pierce moves to Isla Huesos with her mom after her parent’s divorce and Pierce’s near death experience. One day she was trying to save a bird and ended up in a pool and hitting her head. While dead she ends up in a mysterious world where she meets this gorgeous boy John. After John explains that she has to stay in that world, Pierce panicked and escaped. But now John has appeared at Pierce’s new school and weird things are happening.I’ve heard lot about Cabot’s books and I was curious to try this. I liked the idea of Underworld and Persephone and all but it ended being just flat. I didn’t feel any chemistry between Pierce and John but gladly there was no love triangle. Can’t say the same about insta-love though. Can’t blame Pierce bolting after you hear you’re dead and you’re supposed to live there with this guy you met once when you were 7 years old. I wasn’t too crazy about Pierce either who was too annoying and whiny but the book was rather enjoyable but I don’t see the hype over Cabot’s books.