Seraphina - Rachel Hartman 4.5 starsSeraphina is half-dragon, a thing that is supposed to be a myth. She’s able to recall her birth, remembers her time as a baby and has her late mother’s memories. She has always loved music but her father doesn’t let her play it. After Seraphina finally convinces her father into letting her get lessons, Phina soon starts to get attention for her skill.Seraphina is drawn into court politics after Prince Rufus is found dead supposedly by dragon attack. While working with Prince Lucian Kiggs to resolve the murder, she finds that secrets are getting harder to keep.What a great start for the year! I loved this book and I’m happy I chose this for the first book of the year.I’m not sure if I’ve ever read a book where dragons play such a big role so can’t compare to anything but I loved the idea. It was interesting to see how dragons could have view humans.I loved Seraphina and Kiggs and I so hope they end up together! And yey for no-insta-love! Even after realizing she loves Kiggs, she could use her brain and think rationally.Oh why writing reviews for books you love is so much harder? So I’ll just say I loved the book and I’m surely reading the next one too!