Shadow of Night

Shadow of Night  - Deborah Harkness The book starts where the previous one left and Diana and Matthew lands on Elizabethan England. As a historian Diana is thrilled but finds herself lost even with her knowledge of that time. Everyone can tell from her speech and manners that she isn’t from around, and it causes curiosity. Matthew’s friends ─ the infamous School of Night that includes few well-known persons ─ tries to teach her the proper manners and speech and they also find a witch to train her, while trying to find the missing copy of Ashmole 782.I loved A Discovery of Witches and I’m happy that the second book lived up to it! There was lot less DNA stuff in it which was relief but also less vampire, daemon, witch – mythology which was a shame.We learn quite a bit more about Matthew and his past which was interesting. We really get to know him more and we finally meet his father, Philippe. I really wish there would be more of him! Not to mention more father-son scenes. Diana learns more about witchcraft and her ability to control it. I loved seeing her growing more confident both with her magic and with her relationship with Matthew. I really wish there will be more Gallowglass, Marcus and Pierre. I can’t help myself! I thought the relationship Marcus and Phoebe moved little too quick and we didn’t meet them long enough to see that grow. I love the way Harkness manages to involve both vampires and historical things and to make it feel natural. I love these books and can’t wait for the next book!