Gunmetal Magic

Gunmetal Magic (Kate Daniels, #5.5) - Ilona Andrews After Andrea Nash was kicked out from the Order and breaking up with her boyfriend, she’s trying to find new direction in her life. Then several shapeshifters die and it’s her job to find who is responsible. To make matters more difficult she must work with her former lover whose workmen were killed.I’ve liked Andrea before so I was happy that she got her own book. I like her relationship with Raphael and we get to know Raphael bit more in this book. It was nice to see there’s more to him than being Aunt B’s pretty boy whom women drools after. And we learn more about Andrea’s past and we get to see someone from her past. And I’m starting to think Ascanio is adorable. Too many hot men here…The book was action-packed as all Andrews’ s books are but not as action-packed as Kate books. At least it felt to me like that. Can’t wait for her next book.