The Kitchen Boy: A Novel of the Last Tsar

The Kitchen Boy: A Novel of the Last Tsar - Robert Alexander After Misha’s wife dies, he feels it’s his time soon and records his memories about what happened in 1918 and leaves the tape to his granddaughter Kate. Misha, or Leonka as he was called, went into captivity with the Romanov family and worked as their kitchen boy. He becomes involved in the family’s escape plans and comes to care for the family. The same day that the Romanovs are executed, Leonka is removed from the family but manages to escape. He runs back to the house and sees what happened to Romanovs. After Misha’s death Kate becomes convinced that there is something wrong with Misha’s story. I have to say I was bit disappointed with this but it wasn’t bad either. It was kinda slow going, which isn’t surprising since they were arrested after all. But I couldn’t connect with the characters at all. They didn’t have enough time and most of the book we hear Leonka’s thoughts about the family. There we used lot of Russian words and sentenced and even if English translation was after it, it was really confusing and annoying. I mean since they’re Russian one would think they speak Russian, right?And I didn’t like that last secret in the end at all. I didn’t see the need for it and why a person who we haven’t heard about? I’m trying not to vent it out here for spoilers but I was so annoyed.It was quite enjoyable but I guess I had higher expectations for it.