Wake (Wake Series, Book 1)

Wake (Wake Series, Book 1) - Lisa McMann Janie was 8 years old when she discovered that when she is close to someone who is asleep, she gets sucked into the dreams. She slowly starts to learn more about how to control it and then she meets Cabel who can speak to her in his dreams and remember it. Janie has never told anyone what she can do, nor even her mother, but is forced to told Cabel after he sees Janie getting paralyzed while getting into a dream. She gets to know Cabel better and learns that he is hiding something. I hadn’t read many reviews about this before reading it and had vague idea about what’s it about. And what a mistake that was.I had problems with the writing style which was choppy and there was lots of short sentences one after another and there’s date and time told when everything happens.She sees it, vividly.Cabel, leaving the house. Slamming the door.The man on the steps, yelling. Following.The punch to Cabel’s face.The lighter fluid to his belly.The fire and screaming.The transformation. pg. 168It grew old very quickly and plainly started to annoy me pretty soon. It also made it sound like children’s book more than ya book. Actually my friend saw me reading it and seeing how the pages looked said that it looks like children’s book.I absolutely loved that after reading few books from library about dreaming of course solves all the problems and she learns all about her gift and all. Why is it never that easy in real life? And the twist near the end is the most ridiculous and so not needed in long time I’ve read. I believe this is the first in a trilogy but I’m not planning to read the rest. This was more than enough for me.