The Reckoning - Kelley Armstrong Chloe, Tori, Derek and Simon are safe now with Andrew, a friend of Simon and Derek’s father. Andrew introduces the kids to group of supernaturals (necromancer, witch and shaman) hoping they could teach the kids and helping them to control their powers. They don’t seem to believe that the Edison Group is actually trying to kill them. And when they found out how powerful the kids really are without training, things are starting to go from bad to worse.Chloe has always been little too nice and I’m happy she’s finally learning to stand up and not letting others run her down. She finally stands up to Derek who seems to take out his frustrations on Chloe more than anyone else. Derek has his first Change and I love how supportive Chloe is about the thing. But I found it little funny how well she seems to understand Derek in his wolf form. How many different snort/frown can a wolf have? I love it how in books everyone knows what others are thinking and how eyes seems to show everything...Tori has made some growing up and while she’s still bitchy she seems to be more part of the group. And the thing about her dad was so unexpected! I wish there would have some more information on that.Simon wasn’t much in the book and it seemed his only purpose was to be a part of a love triangle. But for once the triangle didn’t bother me and the guys weren’t really fighting each other for it. I still wish there would have been more about their powers. Like why were they given the experiences? What was the ulterior motive? I enjoyed the book but it left the feeling that it was unfinished. As far as I know there’s no more books but I could be wrong though.