Falcons of Montabard

The Falcons Of Montabard - Elizabeth Chadwick Young Sabin FitzSimon narrowly avoids the sinking of The White Ship because he’s with one of the mistresses of the king. King’s men find him and after his beating he wakes up finding out the ship has went down and the woman died. Sabin goes to a tavern to drown his sorrow and he gets into a fight where one man dies. His mother and stepfather has had enough of his wild ways and send him, as a last chance, with Edmund Strongfist to the Holy Lands. Sabin is strongly advised to stay away from Strongfist’s daughter but it might not be the only trouble he has problems staying away.Another great book from Chadwick and I believe you can never go wrong with her books :)I loved watching Sabin grow up from being young wild womanizer to loving and caring husband and father and learning honour. Annais laughed. “You would rather have a honeyed date than a man?” she asked.Aiesha chuckled. “That depends on the man,” she said. “Your husband could make fat any time he chose!”pg. 398I wouldn’t mind either :D While not being her best book I really loved this book and it’s been some time since I’ve read something from her.