The Confessions of Katherine Howard - Suzannah Dunn When 12 year old Katherine comes living with the Duchess of Norfolk, she meets Cat Tilney and they become friends despite having very little in common. From early on Katherine is more interested in boys and clothes tan anything else and Cat is more reserved. One of the boys living there is Francis Dereham who soon falls for Katherine but when she leaves to court, Francis is left behind with Cat and they slowly start to become more closer than before.First of all I don’t know any other author who’s book title and synopsis is as confusing and misleading as Dunn’s. Every book I’ve read so far sounds like it’s telling the story of someone else than it really is. You could think this book is told from Katherine’s point of view but it’s told from Cat’s pov the whole time. I think I liked this best from the books I’ve read from this author. It was rather quick read and while the little too modern writing with “could’ve”, should’ve and the like. I’m also not sure if they would have said that "What goes up must come down".Katherine is usually described like she has no brains whatsoever so it was refreshing to read this version of her, even if she wasn’t very likeable person. It gave the feeling she was too self-centered and didn’t love anyone else besides herself. All in all it was enjoyable and rather quick read. But you will most likely learn more about Cat Tilney than Katherine Howard.