Insurgent  - Veronica Roth The book starts where the last one ended and Tris is grieving for her parents who died on Divergent. Dauntless has been divided into two and the brainwashed Dauntless soldiers are hunting for Tris and others who managed to escape. She’s feeling guilty about killing Will, which is causing problems when the traitors attack. New alliances are made and they will also meet people from the past.I loved Divergent and I was little worried how this would turn out but I’m happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed.I like Tris and she’s a great heroine. She has weaknesses like everyone else and she’s trying to cope with everything that happened, and having hard time doing that. Unfortunately it also makes her kinda suicidal. She’s volunteering to every dangerous operation like she’s hoping she won’t survive. I think it went little too far and caused unnecessary strain in her relationship with Tobias (Four). In the end I don’t think this was as good as Divergent but I did love it. And it was evil way to end a book but it makes me even more to looking forward to the next book!