Shadow of The King (Pendragon's Banner Trilogy)

Shadow of The King (Pendragon's Banner Trilogy) - Helen Hollick 3.5 starsArthur is planning to go fighting to Gaul for Rome yet all isn’t well in his kingdom. His uncle Aurelianus Ambrosius wishes to bring back old Roman ways and his son Cedric is starting to become a real problem. Discovering treachery in Gaul, Arthur comes to realize he’s very close to defeat for the very first time on his career.This is the final book of the trilogy and I’ve loved watching Arthur’s and Gwenhwyfar’s relationship through. It wasn’t easy marriage but I loved seeing how they managed to make it work despite everything. Arthur is still a bastard at times but we see more humane and emotional side of him in this book. And I noticed there was no mentions of his women towards the end. I’d like to think he spent less time womanizing but I’m most likely just dreaming. He might be asshole most of the time but I still liked this realistic version of him.It was great seeing Bedwyr and Ider again. Poor Bedwyr nearly got what he wanted…The book started little slow and the parts during Arthur staying away from Britain dragged little bit but when he returned the book got lot better. Surprisingly I think the middle book was the best and for me didn’t have any dragging parts.