Falling Kingdoms

Falling Kingdoms  - Morgan Rhodes 3,5 starsThe story is about 3 kingdoms that were once united: Auranos, Limeros, and Paelsia. There’s been peace between the countries for centuries but then a wine-maker’s son was killed by Auranian noble from the princess’s entourage. The victim’s brother vows revenge and sets in motion a war that’s been long brewing.Cleo is Auranian princess, spoiled, stubborn and childish. She was probably my least favourite character. She does grow as a person towards the end but unfortunately it comes after so much has happened. She’s also carrying this secret and let me tell you, that was the lamest secret. Ever. I liked Magnus before he turned this bloodthirsty idiot and turns into his father who he despises. And he’s in love with his (adoptive) sister.Jonas is a pheasant who harbors hatred for all things royal and when his brother is killed in princess Cleo’s presence he basically wants to start a war. And he seemed to blame Cleo more for the murder than Aron who actually killed him, just because she was royal.I haven’t read much YA fantasy and this wasn’t in no way bad but I thought it lacked that something. Maybe things pick up in the next book.