Secrets of the Tudor Court: The Pleasure Palace

Secrets of the Tudor Court: The Pleasure Palace - Kate Emerson 2.5 starsAfter the king of France dies, Jane’s mother flees to England where her twin brother lives in the court of King Henry VII. Jane is taken as a ward by Henry VII and to be raised with the royal children. She is just settling down to the new life when her uncle tells her the news of her mother’s death.As an adult Jane serves princess Mary when her life takes a turn when French prisoner comes to court with his bastard half-brother who happens to be Jane’s childhood friend. Now that her friend is in England Jane sees opportunity to search answers about what happened to her mother.When I think about this book the first word come to mind are meh and boring. Not necessarily a good thing...Author has clearly done lot of research and it shows in the book but it fails to make it any more interesting. I didn’t much care for the heroine and couldn’t understand many of her decisions. I was starting to nodd off until about half way through it got somewhat interesting. I have to admit taking a peek and reading some scenes between Jane and Guy and it’s the only thing that got me through the whole thing. I didn’t understand the reason why Jane and her mother had to leave France or why would it be such a big deal. I mean that was kinda common thing at the time. And why would it make Margaret Beaufort hate her mother so much. Shouldn’t Elizabeth of York be more mad about it?I just doesn’t seem to have much to say about this and in the end all I can say is that is was okay.