Omens (Cainsville Trilogy) - Kelley Armstrong

Olivia Taylor-Jones comes from a wealthy family and has had a life of privilege. But then everything changes when she learns that she’s adopted, and her biological parents are infamous serial killers. The ensuing scandal drives Olivia from Chicago to a small town called Cainsville.

While trying to re-investigate her parent’s crimes, Olivia starts to notice something peculiar about the town.


I’ve read one Kelley Armstrong book before which I liked and I had high expectations for this one. And it didn’t disappoint me!


I liked Olivia who at first was just another poor little rich girl but she really grew after settling into Cainsville and learning to take care of herself instead of using the family money. When she learned about the adoption, she didn’t run straight into the arms of her biological family and still thought her adoptive parents as her parents. I really liked that even if her mother didn’t win the mother of the year price after fleeing to Europe from the scandal…


I think the best thing in the book was Gabriel. He was a lawyer who once represented Olivia’s mother and now helps her re-investigate. I sense a future love interest and I’m looking forward to it!


There is paranormal aspect in the book but it’s more mystery book. It worked for me but I haven’t read many of the author’s previous books so I don’t have much to compare it to. I guess we learn more about the town in the next books maybe paranormal things starts to come up too.

This wasn’t very action packed and felt like it prepared us for the things to come, but I didn’t realize until after the book was over that there didn’t happen that much in the book after all. But it kept me very entertained that’s for sure.